King's Aviary

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Welcome to "King's Aviary" the  place where you can find the very high quality  home raised  European Goldfinches and Canaries.We have been breeding birds for over 30 years and we are highly specialized  on  breeding European Goldfinches and Canaries.With so many  years of experience in bird breeding in two continents, we are focused here now on providing to the bird loving community and the  pet avian industry generally the very high quality of  birds.  
"Our main mission is to promote bird breeding that will ensure species survivability".
Starting with the right birds is the key to success for every new breeder and for this reason, our stock birds were purchased years ago from the very best champions of bird breeders from  Europe and from USA.
Continuing to breed the very high quality  of birds is our top priority.On our web store page you can purchase high quality bird cages,bird food & seeds,live birds and cage accessories .
Hope you will enjoy this website which is dedicated for the love and passion of the European Goldfinches & Canaries particularly and the other birds in general.